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ADS is a Consulting & IT Development company founded in 2007 by Traders and Quants with several years of experience in major European banks.

Thanks to our nearshore development setup, ADS helps you develop your IT platform and improve its performance while lowering your costs!


Web Solutions

Our multidisciplinary teams of experts will assist you in the conception, design, development and hosting of your web solution.

Thanks to our R&D team, your solutions will be performing and at the cutting edge of technology.



ADS is one of the few companies with a triple expertise: IT, Quantitative and Business.

Our spectrum of services covers most of your needs.



ADS offers a nearshore development platform combining Tunisian IT skills with senior profiles with several years of experience in major European banks as IT, Quant, Trader and RISK Analyst.


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ADS the Company

ADS is a Consulting & IT Development company founded in 2007 by Traders and Quants with several years of experience in major European banks.


What ADS can do for you:

- Offer you personalized advice
- Help you develop your customized IT solution
- Strengthen your team with nearshore consultants

By combining these axes of intervention, we offer you a high quality service while reducing your costs:

We succeeded in combining two key factors:

  • Business consultants with an extensive experience in European trading floors.
  • Implantation in Tunisia with highly skilled IT Profiles & Analysts and very competitive costs.
IT Development

With ADS, benefit from strong guarantees:

  • Many years of experience in the WEB solution development
  • Clients including the largest European banks
  • Quality supervision
  • A complete financial framework that will make your development faster
  • Bilingual consultants (EN & FR) and mobile anywhere in the world

    A nearshore platform
    dedicated to you
    with a permanent supervision:
    technical and business


    You have a specific IT project? Our IT staff will help you achieve it in the best conditions

Rapid Development

Our rapid development service is made for you!

Profiles with dual expertise IT & Business will develop in few days a prototype or a tactical solution with MS Excel and .NET


Since the 2008 crisis, the world of derivatives is constantly changing:

- Regulatory changes
- Massive reorganizations
- Balance sheet clean-ups and activity rationalizations

It is in this very challenging environment that ADS supports you by acting on three types of missions:

Applicative Support

Your support team devoted to your application in 4 steps:

The team will be located in our premises or at the location of your choice


Our transverse expertise is one of our most important asset.
Thanks to this expertise:

  • You are guaranteed a thorough understanding of your needs.
  • You save time in the design, development and testing phases.
  • You benefit from our force for bringing forward proposals.
IT Development Expertise

With the increasing demand for distributed solutions, we took the strategic decision to specialize in web applications. In addition to the standard frameworks mastering, our R & D helps us keep up with the latest technologies.

  • WEB Clients

    ASP.NET, JFS, GWT, FLEX, Angular JS, Backbone, CanJS, PHP

  • Mobile Clients

    XCode, Android, Cordova, SenchaTouch

  • Thick Clients

    Java, .NET et C++

Depending on your needs, your application data will be hosted locally, in the cloud or both at the same time in a synchronized way

  • ORACLE, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL

  • Dedicated servers or virtual servers

Rapid development expertise

To meet your needs for responsiveness, we have implemented a rapid development workflow for your tactical solutions.

This workflow works thanks to the specificities of our nearshore platform:

  • Its geographical proximity to Europe
  • Its time zone very close to the countries of Western Europe
  • Our Anglophone and Francophone consultants
  • Our business oriented consultants
Risk Expertise

In a highly competitive market and demanding regulatory environment, ADS has the expertise to help you improve your competitiveness.

We intervene thus on a wide field of subjects:

Quantitative Expertise

With our cross-asset quantitative expertise, we can work effectively with your quants to achieve development with high added value.

Interest rate derivatives:

  • Interest rate curve stripping
  • Vanilla option model (SABR)
  • Valuation of interest rate exotics (callable, ratchet, range accrual, cms spread…)

FX Derivatives

  • Volatility smile construction (using ATM, RR25, BF25…)
  • Closed formula barrier option pricing
  • Optimized numerical algorithm with swift convergence

Equity Derivatives:

  • Dividend modeling
  • Volatility surface building in line with dividends
  • Valuation of equity exotics

ADS reinvented nearshoring by combining Tunisian IT skills with senior Business Oriented profiles (Quants, Traders and Analyst RISK)

Thanks to our unique development platform, you can benefit from many advantages:

  • 50% lower costs than Western Europe
  • A pool of experts covering a wide range of expertise
  • Timezone +/-1 h from the major European financial centers
  • Cultural affinity for better communication
  • Mobile consultants that can move quickly on site
Nearshoring by ADS

By combining technical expertise, a thorough knowledge of your business and an effective project management, ADS is your ideal partner to leverage your Global Delivery Model (GDM *)

* GDM consists in developing projects with teams distributed across multiple countries
Why Tunisia?
  • One of the most important countries in the Mediterranean region in terms of scientific training
  • 200 public and private universities and schools providing IT training
  • A highly advanced technological facility
  • Very competitive costs
  • Cost stability in EURO
  • 1100 new IT engineers each year
  • Minimal time difference with Europe
  • Several flights daily to European capitals
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